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Start at Münsterlingen Cantonal Hospital

One month after the start at Frauenfeld Hospital, the StOP? Study has also started at Münsterlingen Hospital. The hospitals in Münsterlingen and Frauenfeld together form Spital Thurgau AG.

Thank you to Geneva University Hospitals

A few months after the start of the study at one hospital, OR teams receive a first small gift to acknowledge their engagement for the study. This week, it was the turn of the Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève (HUG). Thank…

Start at Frauenfeld Cantonal Hospital

Today we started our intervention at Frauenfeld Cantonal Hospital. At the end of February, we will also start at Münsterlingen. The Frauenfeld and Münsterlingen cantonal hospitals together form Spital Thurgau AG.

Fin de l’intervention à l’Hôpital cantonal de Fribourg (HFR)

Un grand merci aux équipes du bloc opératoire de l’Hôpital cantonal de Fribourg (HFR) pour leur participation à l’étude StOP? II et leur engagment durant les cinq mois de l’étude! L’intervention de l’étude StOP? II à HFR s’est terminée la semaine…